CO2 for EOR as CCUS 2019

4th Biennial CO2 for EOR as CCUS Conference

Collaborative Symposium on CO2 EOR between Universities in Texas and Norway, oil industry in Texas and Norway and other CO2 EOR stake holders at Rice University, Houston,TX, Sept. 25-27th 2019


Symposium Objectives

  1. Accelerate CO2 Research Collaboration between Norway and Texas
  2. Provide opportunity for experts in industry and academia to collectively discuss CO2 research
  3. Provide Post docs and PhD students with current research status and the way forward
  4. Provide oil industry an opportunity to communicate needs to the next generation engineers
  5. Emphasize CO2 as mean to mitigate negative climate effects in oil production

Venue: Rice University, BRC-Auditorium, 6500 Main St., Houston, TX, USA
Sept. 25th-27th, 2019


Link to Tentative Program, Program Overview and Information Flyer

Day 1: Wednesday Sept. 25th

Opening Address
Hilde Skorpen, Norway’s Consul General in Houston

Symposium Objectives
Arne Graue, Dept. of Physics and Technology, Univ. of Bergen, Norway;
Chair of the Boards of Petroleum Research School of Norway and NorTex Petroleum Cluster

Global Energy and CCUS
Jostein Dahl Karlsen, CEO, IEA Gas and Oil Technology Program

Assessing Reservoir Performance in WAG flood & Fluid Disposal
Shah Kabir, Dept. of Petroleum Engineering, U. of Houston

Industry Opportunities within CCUS
Mike Godec, Advanced Resources International

Carbon Neutral – Leading the Way to Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Christine Ehlig-Economides, Dept. of Petroleum Engineering, U. of Houston

Economic Incentives for CO2 EOR and CCUS
Steve Melzer, Melzer Consulting

New Insights on Transmissive Fractures from the Horizontal Well Revolution
Steve Melzer, Melzer Consulting

Northern Lights – Whole Value Chain CO2 Storage on NCS
Arne Graue, Dept. of Physics and Technology, Univ. of Bergen, Norway

Monitoring CCUS at an Active EOR Site
Robert Balch, Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC), NMT

CO2 Foam EOR for Mobility Control
George Hirasaki, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Dept., Rice University

CO2 Storage, Monitoring, Verification and Accounting
Katherine Romanak, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin

PhD presentations

Studies of Foam for EOR and CO2 storage: Liquid injectivity, the effect of oil on foam, and generation in situ in heterogeneous formations
Swej Shah, Jinyu Tang Jiakun Gong and William Rossen, Delft University of Technology

Machine Learning Based Optimization and Design of Carbon Dioxide Storage and Hydrocarbon Production in CO2-EOR Project
Junyu You, W. Ampomah, Qian Sun, Brian Borchers, Petroleum Recovery Research Center, NMT

Study of the Dynamics of Flow in Foam-Assisted Chemical Flooding: Effects of Foam Strength
Mehran Mehrabi, U. Texas, Austin

Day 2: Thursday Sept. 26th

CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in Unconventional Liquid Reservoirs
Lauren Burrows, Postdoctoral Researcher, National Energy Technology Laboratory, USDOE

CO2 as a Commodity in CCUS for Methane Production from Hydrate Reservoirs
Arne Graue, Dept. of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen

CO2 as a commodity for realizing the potential in Unconventional Production Strategies of Conventional Reservoirs
Jim Skurner, Windy Cove Energy II

Comparison of CO2 to Associated Gas Injection in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs
Konstantinos Kostarelos, Petroleum Engineering, Subsurface Research Center, U. of Houston

CO2 Foam EOR and CO2 Injection in Hydrates – CCUS Enablers for Efficient, Cost Saving and More Sustainable Oil & Gas Production: Offshore International Whole Value Chain CCUS Collaboration
Arne Graue, Dept. of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen

Evaluation of CO2-EOR Performance and Storage Mechanisms: FWU Case Study
Qian Sun, William Ampomah & Robert Balch, Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC), NMT

Ongoing CO2 Foam EOR Field Pilot in Texas
Zachary Alcorn, Univ. of Bergen

CO2 EOR Assessment
Wayne Rowe, Schlumberger Carbon Services

PhD presentations

Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Modeling at Farnsworth West Unit, Ochiltree County, Texas
Marcia McMillan, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; W. Ampomah, R.A. Will, R.S. Balch, P. Czoski, Petroleum Recovery Research Center, NMT

Optimization of the CO2 Huff-n-Puff Process in an Unconventional Reservoir Using a Machine Learning Based Proxy
Azad Almasov, Mustafa Onur, and Albert Reynolds, University of Tulsa

Utilization of Zeolite as a Potential Multi-Functional Proppant for CO2 Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery and CO2 Sequestration: A Molecular Simulation Study on Gas Adsorption in Zeolite and Organic Matter
Kaiyi Zhang and Guan Qin, Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston

Uptake capacity and pore accessibility of illite-smectite clay minerals for supercritical CO2 and CH4 under subsurface conditions
Junyoung Hwang and Ronny Pini, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK.

Geomechanics Effects and Optimizations on Compositional Simulations of Gas Mobility Control Techniques for CO2 EOR
Xueying Lu, U. of Texas at Austin.

Day 3: Friday Sept. 27th

Tour of Houston Petroleum Museum, Wiess Energy Hall
Tour of University of Houston EOR Laboratories, UH Energy Research Park

Sponsored by

Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, International Energy Agency (IEA), US Dept. of Energy (USDOE), Norwegian Research Council (NRC), Equinor and BP.

Provided by: NorTex Petroleum Cluster and Petroleum Research School of Norway
Co-hosted by: Rice University and Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Houston