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Collaborative Symposium on CO2 EOR between Universities in Texas and Norway, oil industry in Texas and Norway and other CO2 EOR stake holders

Provided by: Petroleum Research School of Norway (NFiP), NorTex Petroleum Cluster and co-hosted by Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Houston.
Venue: Rice University, BRC-Auditorium, 6500 Main St., Houston, TX, USA
Time: Tuesday Nov. 19th – Thursday Nov. 21st, 2013

Sponsored by:
Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, International Energy Agency (IEA), US DOE
Norwegian Research Council (NRC).

Symposium Objectives:

  1. Accelerate CO2 Research Collaboration between Norway and Texas
  2. Provide opportunity for experts in industry and academia to collectively discuss CO2 research
  3. Provide Post docs and PhD students with current research status and the way forward
  4. Provide oil industry an opportunity to communicate needs to the next generation engineers
  5. Emphasize CO2 as mean to mitigat negative climate effects in oil production


Day 1: Tuesday Nov. 19th

CO2 for EOR with CO2 Storage in Conventional Reservoirs

09:00 Opening Address
Norway’s Consul General in Houston, Dr. Jostein Mykletun

Symposium Objectives
Arne Graue, Prof. of Physics, Univ. of Bergen, Norway;
Chairman of the Board: Petroleum Research School of Norway and NorTex Petroleum Cluster

09:15 The New Global Dialogue on Gas and Oil Technology
Paul Doucette, Global Leader Public Policy and Funding, GE Oil & Gas

09:45 The Importance of EOR world wide
Charles D. McConnell, Executive Director, Energy and Environment Initiative (E2I), Rice University and Former Ass. Secr. for Fossil Energy U.S. Department of Energy

10:15 CO2 for EOR in North America – History and Status
Mike Moore, Executive Director for North America Carbon Capture & Storage Association (NACCSA)

11:15 How to provide sufficient amounts of CO2 by Carbon Capture?
John Litynski, Carbon Capture Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy

11:45 Closing the commercial cost gap: A revenue-positive federal tax credit for deployment of CO2 capture technology for EOR
Brad Crabtree, Co-Director, National Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative

13:00 CO2 EOR in Texas
Steve Melzer, Melzer Consulting

13:30 ROZs as an Unconventional Target
Robert Trentham, Director CEED, Sen. Lecturer University of Texas of the Permian Basin

14:00 CO2 Capture and CO2 EOR: Can both be profitable together?
Charles Fox, President, Windy Cove Energy

14:30 Choice of surfactants for CO2 Foam for EOR
Keith Johnston, Prof. of Chem. Eng., University of Texas at Austin

15:15 Gas trapping and foam flow in fractures
Louis Castanier, Sen. Researcher, Dept. of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University

15:45 Laboratory investigations for CO2 based EOR
George Hirasaki, Prof., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Dept., Rice University

16:15 CO2 Storage on NCS
Fridtjof Riis, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

16:45 CO2 Storage, Monitoring, Verification and Accounting
Vanessa Nunez, Research Sci. Assoc., Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin

Day 2: Wednesday Nov. 20th

Part 1: CO2 applied to Unconventional Hydrocarbon Reserves

09:00 CO2 as CCUS in Unconventional Resources
Gary Pope, Prof. Petr. Eng., University of Texas at Austin

09:30 Simulation and Experimental Investigation of CO2 Injection in Conventional and Unconventional Liquid Reservoirs
David Schechter, Assoc. Prof. Dept. of Petr. Eng., Texas A&M University

10:30 CO2 EOR Market Dynamics Virtual World: A Project Proposal
Scott Johnson, Prof. Petr. Eng., Univeristy North Dakota

11:00 CO2 for Methane Production from Hydrate Reservoirs
Geir Ersland, Assoc. Prof. Dept. of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen

11:30 Gas-Assisted Gravity Drainage CO2-EOR Process
Dandina N. Rao, Prof., Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University

Part 2: Field Experience, Case Studies and the Way Forward

13:00 CO2 Mobility Control and Injection Experience in the East Vacuum Field, New Mexico
Paul Moffitt, Principal Reservoir Engineer, Permian Basin Conventional Resources, ConocoPhillips

13:30 CO2 EOR Field Experience
Loveena Kapur, Subsurface Team Lead, Unconventional Resources, HESS Corporation

14:00 CO2 Injection at SACROC: Past, Present, and Future
Steve Pennell, Staff Reservoir Engineer, Kinder Morgan CO2 Development Group

14:30 Overview of Denbury’s CO2 EOR Floods
David D’Souza, Principal Technology Advisor Reservoir Technology Group, Denbury Resources

15:00 Challenges for Paleo Oil and Residual Oil Recovery by CO2 Injection
Fridtjof Riis, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

15:45 Water Conformance and Mobility Control by CO2 Exsolution
Lin Zuo, PhD, Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University

16:15 In-Situ CO2 Imaging in Laboratory EOR Research
Arne Graue, Dept. of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen

16:45 Panel Debate: Roadmap for Progress
Moderator: Arne Graue, Prof. of Physics, Univ. of Bergen, Norway;
Chairman of the Board: Petroleum Research School of Norway and NorTex Petroleum Cluster

Day 3: Thursday Nov. 21st

PhD presentations

09:00 CO2 Mobility Control in Carbonate Cores
Leyu Cui, Rice University, TEXAS

09:30 Wettability behavior of CO2 at storage conditions
Raheleh Farokhpoor, NTNU, NORWAY

10:00 Foam in micro-models,
Charles Conn, Rice University, TEXAS

10:30 The Effect of Diffusion during CO2 EOR in Fractured Reservoirs,
Øyvind Eide, University of Bergen, NORWAY

11:00 Coupled Hydro-Mechanical (H-M) Modeling of CO2 Geological Sequestration
Simon Heru Prassetyo, Colorado School of Mines. COLORADO

11:30 Hydrate Formation and Gas Production from Hydrates by CO2 Injection,
Lars Petter Hauge, University of Bergen, NORWAY